Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Final Day

Our final day was spent at Parish Hall. Reunited, the entire team worked on overdrive to finish treating all of the school children from across the road as well as the remaining children of the area. We also had a school bussed in full of children for treatment. While the day was long and hectic we maintained order and worked hard to finish the goals we had set for ourselves. The grueling day was broken up with a few humorous patients, one including a nine-year-old boy who told us he was having a heart-attack during a filling.

We were also visited by Dr. Solomon, Punta Gorda's only permanent dentist. He seemed shocked to say the least at the level of treatment and the number of students being seen to. All children that we were unable to deliver treatment to due to time constraints were screened and referred to Dr. Solomon. We also were able to donate over 5 bags of medical supplies to Doctor Solomon's clinic.

Our un-belize-able team's treatment numbers were as follows...
We worked a total of 5 days over the course of our time and treated 641 patients.
Of the 641 patients, all received oral hygiene instruction, toothpaste and a toothbrush.
285 fillings were completed.
42 patients received sealants.
65 patients received a cleaning.
529 extractions were performed- multiple extractions on some patients.

The total value of these services is US$282,150, which includes US$12,800 of donated supplies and medication.

An unmeasurable thank you is owed to each and every member of this trip, especially Dr. Greg without whom none of this would have been possible. The members of Team Belize and the children of Punta Gorda thank you.

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