Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Because of the winter storm set to hit the northeast tomorrow, our trip has been pushed back one day. Instead of leaving in the wee hours of Friday March 26th, we will be departing early morning, Saturday March 27th. While this setback will make re-coordinating all of the team members' travel plans challenging, morale is still high and the reason for our trip is only more prevalent in all of our minds. T-minus three days!

Packing Party

Packing, packing and more packing. With the amount of medical work that we will be conducting in Belize it is no wonder the amount of supplies that needed to be packed before our trip. Thank you to Greg - for hosting and leading, Lisa & Chris for managing the collection/tracking of the supplies, and to Barbara, Mary and Dane for packing packing packing.

Photo: (left to right)
Dr. Lisa Rangel
Barbara Berger - hygienist
Dr. Chris Wyckoff
Dr. Greg Keiser
Dane Buffin