Friday, October 30, 2009

Success! One Child at a Time...

After 5 long days, limited internet connection, rainy weather, power outages and more, the team succeded in treating 251 patients and completed 222 extractions and 60 cleanings in two locations, Ilha do Araujo and Condado - a location that bore the brunt of an historic flood in January 2009.

This second location was a surprise to the team and the community as it was only decided at 8 am that very morning that the team would set up clinic in the Family Center - an open air assistance center.

Upon arrival at the family center, we found a very willing and able assistant named "Dona Elaine". She was just as surprised as we were and graciously accepted us into her space.

Within minutes of our arrival, word spread through the community and throngs of residents began to arrive.

In need of more tables, we quickly began to scout the local houses and comandered the dining and kitchen table of Pedro, a very willing and kind man.

We were able to convince the children that "bugs" are eating their teeth and they only way to kill the bugs is to brush, brush, brush. Apprehensive faces sometimes left the dental table with smiles, sometimes in tears.