Thursday, March 4, 2010

Please Note

Please note that because of the continued slow internet connection within Belize we have been unable to upload video and pictures to the blog. They will however be added once be return home.

The work continues

The middle of the week the team was split up between the Forest Home Clinic and Parish Hall, a community center in the middle of Punta Gorda. The need for dental care is so great in this region that spreading out between center city and a surrounding suburb was the most effective way to treat children from the entire district. At Parish Hall a large multipurpose community banquet hall was transformed into a dental clinic treating patients with extraction, restorative and hygienic needs. With a large school surrounding the hall there were literally hundreds of students being treated throughout the day. From little faces poking through the shuttered windows to screams, some of laughter and some of tears, coming from all corners of the massive room, the undertaking at Parish Hall was definitely an exciting time.

P.S. WARNING, "un-belize-ably" a wave of hypochondria has swept certain members of the team. To date we have self diagnosed... malaria, lice, dengue fever, bronchitis, varying forms of skin rashes and swollen glands. More maladies are sure to come.