Friday, November 20, 2009

My name is Charlotte Dibb and I am interning at Healing the Children because i am very interested in International Affairs. I am working here because my school has us do an internship with a place that we are interested in a career with I go to school at Washington Montessori school in Connecticut and i am in 8th grade.

I spoke with a few people that went on the recent trip to Belize and they were telling me that it takes a lot of people to make an operation of this kind happen. I talked to Dr. Jane Petro, who is a plastic surgeon, and went on this recent trip. She was the team leader of this trip so it was very interesting to talk to her.

Dr. Jane Petro said that her favorite part of the trip was helping the kids that they worked with and then looking at them after they had their operations done. She also liked traveling to all of the different places.

She also said that it was very rewarding to see the people with their brand new smiles and all of the different smiles that they had. Dr. Petro also said that it was very difficult to put the child to sleep and then operate on them. She also said that it was very hard to put the little babies to sleep.